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Who gave you the right to look so damn beautiful?!


Who gave you the right to look so damn beautiful?!

Blaine Anderson: a summary

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I prepared a little something to show what Mister Schue just said, that the magic is still here. So this is to remind us of what Glee’s all about, which is just…fun.

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I see—I’ve always seen—how insanely talented you are. You’re gonna do it all—movies, concerts, Broadway.  You may not know the name Blaine Anderson yet, but you will, soon, when it’s lit up all over Broadway.  I just want to shine a light on what the world should see.

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Summary: Sequel to Pancakes. Sue liked Blaine, she wanted him to be happy because he deserved it.

Prompt: oH what of Sue ends up adopting Blaine?? That’d be interesting. (It would also be interesting for Kurt to find out about that.)

Prompt: So I know you /just/ wrote it, but could you write more with the ‘bullet proof’ and ‘pancakes’ story? Thanks for all your great writing :)

Prompt: Sequel to Pancakes? Kurt’s reaction to find out about Blaine being abused?

 Warnings: Past abuse

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Summary: Sequel to Bullet Proof. The first morning of Blaine living was Sue was uncomfortable.

Prompt: Can you do a Sequel to ‘Bullet Proof’?

Warnings: Child abuse

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